LEAGOO is a star brand owned by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. In order to supply high quality smartphones and excellence using our wealth of previous experience, the OTEDA team – which relies on a proven track record in the mobile communications industry – set up a new smartphone brand called 'LEAGOO' in April 2014. With our Research & Development expertise and supply chain resources, the OTEDA team has spared no effort in building LEAGOO into a well-known international brand of smart devices and ecosystems.



LEAGOO's Positioning: Just For Excellent Smart Life.

If technology is here to change lives, then LEAGOO is here to create high-quality intelligent life! Based on people-oriented principles, LEAGOO focuses on technological innovations to create intelligent ecosystems. We always believe that quality products are produced from a constant pursuit of perfection, continuous control of the details, as well as a strong self-confidence in our brand charisma.

LEAGOO's Concept: In user experience oriented, mostly focus on Design, Quality and Service

Design is the soul of a brand. LEAGOO always takes the most stylish route, pursues the best design innovation and strives for perfection. LEAGOO aims for high quality products and services, and our customer service reaches amazingly high standards of excellence. We know only too well that design is the soul of a brand, quality is the life of a brand and service is the nutrient of a brand.

LEAGOO's Strength: Diversified Cooperation Mode, Strong Marketing Ability, Professional Technical Support, Strict Region Protection

LEAGOO always believes in the principle of win-win cooperations, thus breaking the single cooperation pattern of traditional distribution, and has created various cooperation modes with partners all over the world. We have offices and service centres in multiple regions of the globe, providing our partners with a high level of customer services, one-to-one and face-to-face. We not only take our customer demands into full consideration at all stages of design, development and production, but also pay attention to each detail in the stages of pre-sale, sale and after-sale. Our concerns are our customer's concerns, and we really put customers at the core of the brand. Furthermore, our professional technical team is ready to provide prompt and efficient technical services to all our global partners at any time. We are well aware of the importance of regional protection, established and implemented into a series of strict regional protection policies to ensure the fundamental interests of these regional partners.