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 Dropshipping Service Cooperation Plan


Goal: HKTR (Hong Kong Trend Resources LTD) open up our Payment/ Customs clearance and
shipping services to you.You can use our system to open more market and get more seals.

Option 1, save your cost by Payment method at least 5%
PayPal payment: the PayPal service can be used in most of the world areas without Turkey.
In the normal method: Clients checkout to your PayPal account(5% fee), then you pay the money to supplier by PayPal or alipay (the second 5% fee),there’s about 3% exchange fee in the same time, total 13% payment service fee in this method;
New method: Client checkout to our PayPal account with local money, the total payment fee is 5%.
We can transfer your profit money to your PayPal or bank account weekly.
Aliexpress payment method: we can accept the payment by aliexpress if you need to use the
coupons or payback system. The steps as follows:
Step 1: Click one phone link to make one order and don't pay for it;
Step 2 "Leave product info with this payment as follow sample:
"This payment is used for xx model XGB RAM XGB ROM XX color * 1 pcs"
Step 3: We change the order price and leave confirm info in your order;
Step 4: You pay and we send out.

Option 2, save your cost by our free tax express shipment method at least 20%,and you can sell to more market with our shipment system.
We have beening creating the free tax express shipment system as follows:
2.1:Russia and Belarus: CDEK Express, Delivery time is about 15 days;   
2.2:Israel :GCX Express, delivery time is about 10 days;      
2.3:All EU 28 member countries: France DPD Express, delivery time is about 12 days;
2.4: Turkey: Phone box and accessories by PTT post, phone body by Yurtici Kargo Express,
delivery time is about 25 days.

Option 3:You can check and mange your orders in our ERP system.So,you can know your every order clearly.


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